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"Empowering girls to embrace becoming a young woman".

Lets give the young women of tomorrow the knowledge, confidence and strength to understand and be proud of their bodies. It is a growing and emotional time in their lives so by giving this gift you are showing your support and understanding.

We love this saying, "Strong women - may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them."

For The Sisterhood of Australia we feel it is important that girls can have a smooth transition into womanhood. This topic can still be a little bit taboo and the school life education classes may not answer the nitty gritty or come to late, that is why we have developed this important pack and information booklet. We are also very aware of the environment and the products that we use on and in our bodies. We, as a team have a call of duty to have minimal impact on landfill and pollutants in our waterways so our sanitary products are either organic or natural as with the packaging and other items in the pack.

Our Logo creates energy, power and unity. The symbol of the flower promotes growth, nature and transformation into womanhood. The colour green represents the environment and the crimson is our blood of life.

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Meet the founder of The Sisterhood Australia.

  • Gail Wild

    Gail lives on the south coast of NSW with her family. She has been lucky to do a lot of travel aboard and around Australia...

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