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The Sisterhood Australia "First Period Pack"

This unique and discrete Pack has been designed with you, the adult and  daughter in mind. (Especially for Dads)This pack delivers all the information and products a tween will need to educate her about her changing body and menstruation.

It also creates the perfect opportunity for puberty and periods to be introduced into your discussions, especially if you are trying to find the right moment to broach the subject or if your daughter is feeling shy or embarrassed to talk about these topics.

The Sisterhood Australia has written an educational booklet in context that a young girl can easily understand and is designed to promote further discussions with a mentor.

The Pack can be given as a special gift that can be taken into her bedroom to be read and looked at in privacy.

There is a specifically designed and printed storage zipper purse included in The Sisterhood Australia Pack. It is explained in the educational booklet that this purse is to contain her necessary sanitary items. For convenience it can be placed in a school bag, taken on holidays or sleep overs. That way she will be prepared for a first period no matter when it occurs. Included in The Sisterhood Australia Pack are Sanitary items, feminine wipes, disposable sanitary bags and a calendar which is the perfect way to record her menstrual cycle.

For a small investment, this essential pack will give you peace of mind that your daughter will be proud, educated and prepared for her first period.

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