The Natural Choice

photo freyaWhy Go Natural?

These are the important reasons why The Sisterhood Australia have chose to go natural.

With more women becoming aware of what is in sanitary products, we are demanding a healthy alternative. Natural and organic products are appreciated for their reliability and responsibility toward our environment.

As sanitary products are placed on the most intimate parts of our body, choosing only the best quality natural or organic items is giving us peace of mind that we are not absorbing nasty chemicals into our bodies. The materials used in the pads and tampons we have chosen are FREE from pesticides, parabens, chlorine, perfumes and synthetics. As well as treating your body kindly, by choosing natural we are also respecting the planet and communities by using sustainable and biodergradable products, free from pesticides that can pollute waterways.

We should read the packaging carefully on our pads and tampons to see what they are made of. Conventional sanitary products are usually made from synthetic materials (that are bleached with harsh and environment damaging chemicals), plastics, rayon, viscose and conventional cotton. Although it is cotton, it may have been heavily sprayed with pesticides many times in the growing stage. When chemicals come in contact with our skin, they are absorbed unfiltered straight into our bloodstream.

If your not using a natural or organic sanitary product yet, now is a great time to change. When restocking your sanitary products, please look for healthier alternatives for yourself and your family. You can order Little Angels sanitary pads on this site by clicking here. All three brands that we use in our First Period Pack can be purchased at "Sol Sisters Artisan Collective" in Ulladulla, NSW, or on their links below.

Tsuno and Organyc

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