First Period Pack from The Sisterhood Australia


Our Pack contains all natural sanitary products.


A perfectly easy way to introduce the subject of puberty and menstruation. The Sisterhood Australia First Period Pack is a great ice-breaker and time saver for parents as all the preparations are done for you.

This kit is wonderful idea for a Dad to give to their Daughter and makes for a bonding experience.

Our First Period Pack has a wholesome and eco friendly look with the products contained within a reusable material  hand sewn dilly bag. We choose cloth with colourful designs and patterns and up-cycle it into our unique bags. A pack will be selected for you at random as each material is limited to how may we sew.

The Sisterhood Australia Pack is the only kit on the market that uses Natural and Eco Sanitary products.The pack is unique, discreet and an invaluable learning tool. It contains information and sanitary products she will need to prepare her for puberty and her first period.

The sanitary products are all natural, made from sustainable materials and contain no pesticides, toxins or bleaches which makes them the perfect choice for her young body and the planet.

The educational booklet is written in context for her to understand and will help to promote further discussions with a mentor.


The Sisterhood Australia Pack consists of:

  • 6 x natural regular pads
  • 3 x natural night pads
  • 6 x natural panty liners
  • 3 x natural feminine wipes. Alcohol free
  • 12 x biodegradable disposable sanitary bags
  • Storage purse
  • The Sisterhood Australia educational booklet on puberty and periods
  • cycle calendar for recording menstruation
  • sticker and fridge magnet

The Sisterhood Australia pack is packaged stylishly whilst being discreet.

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