Organyc Moderate Pads


Organyc Moderate Pads


Organyc Moderate Pads

Organyc Moderate Pads are are made of 100% certified organic cotton which is hypoallergenic, breathable and ph neutral. Ultra thin, with wings and individually wrapped these pads are especially suitable for women with sensitive skin.

10 moderate pads per pack

The Sisterhood Australia use these pads in their First Period Pack.

The Crimson Movement

Organyc is proud to support the Crimson Movement in their goal of promoting a healthy, positive view of menstruation across the globe, and working to improve societies understanding of menstruation.

In particular, Organyc is working with the Crimson Movement on their Purse Pad and educational awareness project in Papua New Guinea. Through a series of workshops in Papua New Guinea the Crimson Movement teaches women and girls to make their own re-usable, eco-friendly sanitary pads and trains them on the following topics

–          HIV and AIDS

–          Sexually Transmitted Infections

–          Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights

–          Family Planning

–          Women’s Health and Hygeine

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