The Sisterhood Sharing the Dignity

A little kindness goes a long way. In the month of April Share the Dignity are doing their annual drive to collect as many sanitary items as possible to distribute to homeless and women in crisis throughout Australia.

"No woman should suffer the indignity of choosing between eating or buying sanitary items." Something that we take for granted of having easy access to each month can be a major concern for a lady with very little money or being in a homeless situation.

This year The Sisterhood Australia are proud volunteers for Share the Dignity by registering to be a collection point at "Sol Sisters" Artisan Collective in Ulladulla. The next time you are doing your shopping, please purchase an extra sanitary item to graciously contribute to this heart felt cause. Natural sanitary pads are also available in Sol Sisters so you can pop them straight into the collection basket.

"We are hoping to receive 100's of donations this month that will be distributed in the local district." Says Gail Wild who is one of 5 women in the Collective. "Its about women helping women."

The collection point at "Sol Sisters" is located in Bellbrook Arcade (which is one up from the Cinema)  opposite the Lions Club bookshop, Ulladulla NSW 2539.

Thank you to everyone who helps with Donations, you are very much appreciated.

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