A Mother’s Dilemma.

I roll a four and down I go. When I should be working on my website and of course the never ending housework, I find myself sitting in the back yard playing a game of 'Giant Snakes and Ladders' with Master 5.

So instead of adding tags and updates we are learning counting, disappointment and sportsmanship, winning and loosing and in between rolls I'm getting a few words down.

I don't remember my mother having to clean the house up all the time but the house was always tidy and a total credit to her. Our home seems always in a state of upside-downness with something going on. At the moment we have a huge mound of sanitary items that we collected for homeless women as part of "Share the Dignity", waiting to be distributed, piles of folded washing to go into draws and 40 African Baskets needing shaping and taken to the Shop.

Boyhood and Sisterhood

Helping mum in the garden. The Sisterhood Australia.

So instead of making up First Period Packs like intended, I have managed to play games, make smoothies, collect sticks,, prune a vine and crawl around on the lawn picking bindies before they grow too big and juicy. I will however make it to the boys hair cut appointment this afternoon after school pick up. At least I can tick one job off the list.

Happy days.

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