Gail lives on the south coast of NSW with her family. She has been lucky to do a lot of travel aboard and around Australia and she will tell you that she lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world. With a love of the ocean, the bush and the mountains, Gail truly makes the most of her surroundings.

Gail felt the need for more information to be available to young girls and to give them the freedom to be able to discover what womanhood will involve in the privacy of their own special space. She went to lengths to provide natural sanitary products as to have a minimal impact on the environment and created a beautifully designed First Period Pack that can be presented to a young girl reaching puberty as a bonding gift. She feels that the more understanding girls have in the changes of their bodies the easier it will be for the transition into becoming a young woman and to help prevent teasing and embarressment in knowing that each body will change at different ages.

Gail believes that knowledge gives strength and confidence and her goals are to see her children grow up in a healthy and active environment, to stay fit and to be surrounded by beautiful family and friends.

Gail Wild is on Twitter.

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