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The Sisterhood Australia is a one stop shop for Eco sanitary products that are Australian based with the highlight on our First Period Starter Pack for girls.

We believe in wellness for your body and for the Planet.

The First Period Starter Pack to help girls embrace puberty.

First period arriving soon and you need to explain and give advice on starting your first period? Are you a Dad and need help with the topic of menstruation? The Sisterhood has done all the preparations for your with our discreet First Period Starter Pack. This essential kit contains an informative educational booklet and a sample stash of eco sanitary products to help prepare your daughter for puberty, ensuring a smooth transition into womanhood.  The pack can be presented as a gift or an icebreaker to create a bonding experience and to promote further discussions on the topic. Every young girl should feel confident with puberty and The Sisterhood Australia can deliver that knowledge.

Confident girl who has just reached puberty and was given a first period pack from The Sisterhhod Australia.
Mollymook Beach, NSW, Australia

A great Starter Period Pack using natural and eco sanitary pads.

We can boast that our First Period  Starter Pack uses only natural eco Sanitary pads. Choosing these items was easy for The Sisterhood Australia with our beliefs of looking after our bodies and respecting the earth. The Sanitary pads and tampons you will find here are of highest quality that are made from sustainable materials and don't contain any toxins or pesticides. We also like to support Australian Independently owned businesses like Tsuno, which reflect great ethics and support community based organisations.

'The day before my daughter received her Sisterhood Pack she was quite emotional and scared about what was going on with her body and anxious about the future. When she received her 'gift', she was excited with all of the cool things inside. She took the pack into her bedroom for some privacy and when she came out she seemed much stronger and more comfortable with what was happening. She even asked a couple of questions about what she had read in the booklet. I guess it's true, knowledge IS strength and all girls really do love cool pressies.'

Dionne - Mother, NSW
First Period solutions for parents.
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