What The Sisterhood Australia Stands for.

We believe in 'Empowering girls to embrace becoming a woman' and to give Eco choices when it comes to using sanitary products that are sustainable, free from toxins and kind on the body with attention to the environment.


Our Logo is symbolic of creating a unity and bond between women, promoting well-being and togetherness. While the symbol of the lady flower promotes growth, nature and transformation.

The First Period Pack has been designed to help parents find an easy way to prepare their daughter for her first period. So many people have commented that they wish they had this information when they were young. It is such an important stage of growth and emotion and if we give the right advice and support at this time we can be reassured of a smooth transition into Womanhood.

By promoting many other great products on this site that are eco-friendly, fair-trade and community based we hope to create a strong following of like minded people who take responsibility for a healthy future of both our bodies and Mother Earth.

"Strong women - may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them."




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